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Elcock and Vanderpool share BCU race wins
Robin Brandford
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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  1. This is watt it's all about.
    03 Apr, 2017
    This is watt it's all about.
    I have been in Cycling for the past 45 years. Have seen a lot of changes in structures, equipment and training methods, but the thing is one need to invest in keeping UP-TO-Date with developments in every area. To have done a certification 10 or 20 years ago is a useless point of reference in today's environment. So let's take a look at where we are today. Unfortunately there are few qualified cycling Coaches in Barbados.  Top of the Podium is Mr. Wayne Robinson, a UCI level 3 coach. (That is
  2. No Money as yet for Elite Atheletes in 2017.
    02 Apr, 2017
    No Money as yet for Elite Atheletes in 2017.
    NO MONEY YET By Justin Marville , Added March 31, 2017 ... definitely haven’t been coming into money recently. Almost four months into the year and elite and emerging sportsmen have yet to receive a cent from either the National Sports Council (NSC) or the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) following an unexplained hold-up in grant disbursals. BOA president Steve Stoute confirmed the news after both bodies failed to start satisfying the $2 million annual total in requested grants from about 60
  3. A Historic Racing Event.
    26 Mar, 2017
    A Historic Racing Event.
    First Joint Motor/Cycling Meet is held at Bushy Park. The first race of the 2017 season History has been created today as we have held our first Cycling Race meet at Bushy Park on the new BPCI circuit. From the inception of the redevelopment of the circuit it has been advertised as an avenue for cycling and the B.C.U. used this to host some criterium racing with the expectation of new better things to come. Having tried and tested today, there is also a level of excitement around racing in